form of verbs
Form of Verbs
Present Form Meaning Past Form Past Participle
awake sveglio awoke awoken
bear orso bore born
bear orso bore borne
abide rispettare abode abode
arise sorgere arose arisen
be essere was been
draw disegnare drew drawn
do fare did done
fight combattimento fought fought
eat mangiare ate eaten
drive guidare drove driven
drink bere drank drunk
dig scavare dug dug
beat battere beat beaten
become diventare became become
bid offerta bid bid
begin inizio began begun
bind legare bound bound
find trova found found
fly volare flew flown
forget dimenticare forgot forgotten
forgive perdonare forgave forgiven
bite mordere bit bit, bitten
blow soffio blew blown
come venire came come
choose scegliere chose chosen
break rompere broke broken
behold vedere beheld beheld
sit sedersi sat sat
sink Lavello sank sunk
sing cantare sang sung
shine brillare shone shone
shake scuotere shook shook
see vedere saw seen
get ottenere got got,gotten
go partire went gone
give dare gave given
grow crescere grew grown
run correre ran run
ring squillare rang rung
hide nascondere hid hid,hidden
hang appendere hung hung
hold tenere held held
know conoscere knew known
lie menzogna lay lain
mistake sbaglio mistook mistaken
ride cavalcata rode ridden
slay uccidere slew slain
speak parlare spoke spoken
spin rotazione spun spun
stand stare in piedi stood stood
write Scrivi wrote written
win vincere won won
wear indossare wore worn
wake svegliare woke woke
steal rubare stole stolen
stick bastone stuck stuck
swear giurare swore swore
swim nuotare swam swum
take prendere took taken
tear lacrima tore torn
sting puntura stung stung
throw gettare threw thrown
chide rimproverare chid chid
cleave fendere clove,cleft cloven,cleft
cling aggrapparsi clung clung
spring primavera sprang sprung
smite colpire smote smitten
slide diapositiva slid slid
tread Filo trod trodden
swing swing swang swung
strive lottare strove striven
string stringa strung strung
shrink contrarsi shrank shrunk
lead condurre led led
grind macinare ground ground
freeze congelare froze frozen
forsake abbandonare forsook forsaken
fling scagliare flung flung
wring strizzare wrung wrung
wind vento wound wound
weave tessere wove woven
bet scommessa bet bet
cast lanciare cast cast
cost costo cost cost
cut tagliare cut cut
hit colpire hit hit
hurt male hurt hurt
let permettere let let
put mettere put put
rid liberare rid rid
set impostato set set
shed capannone shed shed
split Diviso split split
shut chiuso shut shut
thrust spinta thrust thrust
spread diffusione spread spread
burst scoppiare burst burst
abuse abuso abused abused
abolish abolire abolished abolished
avail utilità availed availed
attract attirare attract attract
appoint nominare appointed appointed
apply applicare applied applied
approve approvare approved approved
accept accettare accepted accepted
accompany accompagnare accompanied accompanied
acquire acquisire acquire acquired
annoy infastidire annoyed annoyed
alter alterare altered altered
aim scopo aimed aimed
add Inserisci added added
adapt adattare adapted adapted
attack attacco attacked attacked
assure assicurare assured assured
ask Chiedere asked asked
ascend ascendere ascended ascended
agree essere d'accordo agreed agreed
advise consigliare advised advised
adopt adottare adopted adopted
bend piegare bent bent
believe credere believed believed
behave comportarsi behaved behaved
beg elemosinare begged begged
bleed sanguinare bled bled
bring portare brought brought
charge carica charged charged
cheat truffare cheated cheated
compare confrontare compared compared
build costruire built built
burn bruciare burnt burnt
buy acquistare bought bought
call chiamata called called
cry piangere cried cried
deliver consegnare delivered delivered
debar escludere debarred debarred
deal affare dealt dealt
dare osare dared dared
catch catturare caught caught
cook cucinare cooked cooked
creep strisciamento crept crept
change modificare changed changed
complain lamentarsi complained complained
compose comporre composed composed
convict galeotto convicted convicted
cure cura cured cured
decide decidere decided decided
dedicate dedicare dedicated dedicated
hear sentire heard heard
hate odiare hated hated
have avere had had
hang appendere hanged hanged
demand richiesta demanded demanded
deny negare denied denied
depend dipendere depended depended
destroy distruggere destroyed destroyed
gather raccogliere gathered gathered
gaze sguardo gazed gazed
flee fled fled
feel sentire felt felt
feed alimentazione fed fed
determine determinare determined determined
deviate deviare deviated deviated
die morire died died
dream sognare dreamt dreamt
divide dividere divided divided
inform far sapere informed informed
inspire ispirare inspired inspired
introduce introdurre introduced introduced
embellish abbellire embellished embellished
enter accedere entered entered
expressed expressed expressed
maintain mantenere maintained maintained
marry sposare married married
make rendere made made
insist insistere insisted insisted
invade invadere invaded invaded
invite invitare invited invited
involve coinvolgere involved involved
lose perdere lost lost
look Guarda looked looked
like piace liked liked
light leggero lighted lighted
lie menzogna lied lied
joke scherzo joked joked
keep conservare kept kept
kill uccidere killed killed
kneel inginocchiarsi knelt knelt
laugh ridere laughed laughed
lend prestare lent lent
leave partire left left
learn imparare learnt learnt
lead condurre led led
lay posare laid laid
owe dovere owed owed
order ordine ordered ordered
omit omettere omitted omitted
occur si verificano occurred occurred
observe osservare observed observed
open Aperto opened opened
occupy occupare occupied occupied
pray pregare prayed prayed
punish punire punished punished
play giocare played played
pay pagare paid paid
preside presiedere presided presided
prevent impedire prevented prevented
negotiate negoziare negotiated negotiated
mow falciare mowed mowed
move mossa moved moved
mix mescolare mixed mixed
mend riparare mended mended
meet incontrare met met
mean significare meant meant
manage gestire managed managed
prepare preparare prepared prepared
preserve conserva preserve preserved
pretend far finta pretended pretended
proceed procedere proceeded proceeded
prohibit vietare prohibited prohited
reject rifiutare rejected rejected
rehabilitate riabilitare rehabilitated rehabilitated
refuse rifiuto refused refused
refund rimborso refunded refunded
recover recuperare recovered recovered
propose proporre proposed proposed
prosecute perseguire prosecuted prosecuted
prove dimostrare proved proved
persist persistere persisted persisted
realize rendersi conto realized realized
raise aumentare raised raised
receive ricevere received received
reach raggiungere reached reached
read leggere read read
quarrel litigare quarrelled quarrelled
say dire said said
sew cucire sewed sewed
seek ricercare sought sought
remind ricordare reminded reminded
remit rimettere remitted remitted
return ritorno returned returned
respond rispondere responded responded
rob rapinare robbed robbed
repair riparazione repaired repaired
reply rispondere replied replied
rescue salvare rescued rescued
swell rigonfiamento swelled swelled
sell vendere sold sold
sweep spazzare swept swept
send inviare sent sent
shoot sparare shot shot
spoil rovinare spoiled spoiled
sleep dormire slept slept
show mostrare showed showed
sow seminare sowed sowed
stay restare stayed stayed
spend trascorrere spent spent
work lavoro worked worked
wish desiderio wished wished
wait aspettare waited waited
warn avvisare warned warned
smile Sorriso smiled smiled
smell odore smelt smelt
teach insegnare taught taught
want volere wanted wanted
walk camminare walked walked
visit visita visited visited
vanish svanire vanished vanished
tell raccontare told told
think pensare thought thought
travel viaggio travelled travelled
tremble tremare trembled trembled
utter totale uttered uttered
unite unire united united
twinkle scintillio twinkled twinkled
treat trattare treated treated
bend piegare bent bent
breed razza bred bred
clothe vestire clothed clothed
gird cingere girded,girt girded,girt
hew tagliare hewed hewed
lean magro leant leant
load caricare loaded loaded
melt fusione melted melted
rend lacerare rent rent
spell sillabare spelled,spelt spelled,spelt
knock battere knocked knocked
repeat ripetere repeated repeated
pick raccogliere picked picked
join aderire joined joined
clean pulito cleaned cleaned
match incontro matched matched
offer offrire offered offered
plunge tuffo plunged plunged
watch orologio watched watched
slip scivolare slipped slipped
chatter vibrazione chattered chattered
shock shock shocked shocked
shook shooked shooked
affect influenzare affected affected
last ultimo lasted lasted
plan Piano planned planned
expose esporre exposed exposed
tip mancia tipped tipped
need bisogno needed needed
suit completo da uomo suited suited
fold piegare folded folded
decorate decorare decorated decorated
disappear scomparire disappeared disappeared
plough aratro ploughed ploughed
ban bandire banned banned
protect proteggere protected protected
reproduce riprodurre reproduced reproduced
contain contenere contained contained
stretch allungare stretched stretched
notice Avviso noticed noticed
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